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Welcome to the website of EuroMEDANet and EuroMEDANet2

Welcome to the website for the projects Euro-MEDANet and Euro-MEDANet2, whose main objective is to open up the European Research Area to the Mediterranean countries by creating and developing a stable and effective Information Point (InP) system, modelled on the National Contact Point network, that supports the European Union's external relations with the Mediterranean area and also acts as a vehicle for promoting the active participation of relevant local actors in FP6.

Euro-Mediterranean dialogue has identified a number of areas for S&T co-operation but also some issues that limit the efficient implementation of related activities. This includes a noticeable absence of a support infrastructure in the majority of Mediterranean countries outside of the EU, one that can aid participation in the Framework Programmes of the EU. Indeed only Turkey (Candidate Country) and Israel (Associated State) have a structure of National Contact Points (NCPs) for trans-national collaboration in Scientific R&D.

The EuroMEDANet and EuroMEDANet2 projects intend to tackle such issues, particularly those related to the dissemination of information and the preparation of proposals by potential participants from different sectors among the Mediterranean countries.

The long-term aim of these projects is to help establish an independent and self-sustaining InP Network in participating Mediterranean target countries. They will also aim to address the needs of the Mediterranean's productive sectors by fostering an FP6-assimilation "culture" among its potential clientele (e.g.: industrial, agricultural, environmental, private and public service entities as well as those of the Information Society).

It is envisaged that the results of these projects will constitute a valuable benchmarking exercise in the EU's future outreach R&D activities in the Mediterranean region.